October 21, 2014

Jessie Kilguss: "Devastate Me" release party

Jessie Kilgus
photo: Shervin Lainez

NYC based singer-songwriter Jessie Kilguss will celebrate the release of her new album Devatate me at the Bowery Electric in November.

Live dates:
  • 10/24 Red Hook Bait & Tackle, Brooklyn, NY
  • 11/11 Bowery Electric, Brooklyn, NY

» jessiekilguss.com

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Kaki King: Everybody Glows: B​-​Sides & Rarities

Brooklyn guitarist Kaki King has assembled a bunch of good sounding demos, outtakes, live cuts and covers for her new album Everybody Glows: B​-​Sides & Rarities. Revered among fellow musicians for her craftsmanship and great tone, her vocals tend to be overlooked. Turns out she can a handle Close To You rather well. But it's her mastery of the acoustic guitar that make this album more than a stop-gap release. This week's assignment: dissect one of the tracks, including the tuning she used. Class dismissed.

Everybody Glows: B​-​Sides & Rarities is a self-released album. Buy it from her website. Release date: November 4th.

  1. Sunrise At Wildflower Hill Retirement Center
  2. Zamzam Well
  3. Anthem for the Earnest
  4. Sad American (live)
  5. Tunnel
  6. Goby (live featuring Dan Brantigan and Matt Hankle)
  7. Waltz For The Alone
  8. So Much For So Little (demo)
  9. Close To Me
  10. Hairs
  11. Brazilian With Drums (featuring Dave Treut)
  12. Old Crow and the Miner’s Daughter
  13. L Train 1st Ave Low
  14. Lovestoned
  15. Zeitgeist
  16. Meserole (featuring Dave Treut) (Bonus Track)

Live dates:
  • 10/30 Seattle, WA @ Edmonds Center for the Arts
  • 12/12 San Francisco, CA @ Kanbar Hall @ JCC
  • 12/13 Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst

» kakiking.com

Phish: "Roggae" live @ Matthew Knight Arena,Eugene, OR - 2014/10/17

Watch Phish perform Roggae @ Matthew Knight Arena,Eugene, OR - 2014/10/17.

Yinka Oyewole: Whirlwind Since The Day

photo: Ani Lang

Nigerian singer Yinka Oyewole covers a lot of ground on his new album Whirlwind Since The Day. Despite all his genre hopping - afrobeat, hip-hop, rock, funk - all his songs deal with danger of some sort: hostile big city surroundings in Stop! Breathe, the innocence of a lost Little Hipster Girl, drugs and alcohol in Poison.

With a powerful voice halfway between Terrence Trent D'Arby and Seal, Oyewole's message might be heard by people who usually don't pay much attention to lyrics. They are in for a surprise when they do.

Whirlwind Since The Day is released on I Blame ​The ​Parents ​Records. Buy it from Amazon or iTunes.

  1. No Brakes
  2. Stop! Breathe
  3. All You Think About
  4. Brooklyn
  5. Little Hipster Girl
  6. Lay Your Body Down
  7. If I
  8. Poison
  9. Mad Mad Mad
  10. The Wanderer Returns
  11. Willis
  12. Freaks International

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October 20, 2014

Alberteen: new songs @ Aces and Eights, London

Rhythm & noir band Alberteen will be back on stage @ Aces and Eights, London on December 17. It's a warm-up show previewing tracks from their forthcoming new album. Confirmed titles of new songs so far: Princess Noise, We are the Mods, A French Connection, King's Evil, Wonderland.

» alberteen.com

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