February 25, 2017

Cover Me: She's Lost Control

Dark wave act Pisces Black turned Joy Division's She's Lost Control into a Sisters of Mercy-alike Gothic song. Free download from Soundcloud.

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February 24, 2017

Scotch Hollow: Little Tortuga

Roots music is an evasive genre. It may sound not that hard to play, but it the right vibe hard to find. Kansas City band Scotch Hollow set up base on a rural farm to find inspiration for their new album Little Tortuga, named after a grizzled old man who kept showing up to shoot the breeze. It inspired to write a slew of energetic originals - Kansas City Pepper and Bamma Lamma Jamma & Thelonious Dude have dance floor favourite written all over it.

Guitarist and songwriter Mark Verbeck and vocalist Carly Martin are the core members. They met at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and found that they interests - old style country, blues, and folk - complemented each other. They handpicked three classic blues songs - Little Walter's Nobody but You, Howling'Wolf's Moanin' at Midnight and Blind Willie Nelson's Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burnin' as a nod to their predecessors.

Phish: new archival release, Saratoga Springs 6/26/95

Another archival Phish release is available for streaming and download: Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY:

On June 26, 1995 Phish played their second headline show at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (“SPAC”) – a modern amphitheater on the buccolic grounds of Saratoga Spa State Park in Saratoga Springs, NY. SPAC ’95 was the sixteenth show in a 22-show summer tour supporting Phish’s first live record – the 2-CD set A Live One, released June 27th (the day after this show) on Elektra. While A Live One was a compilation of Phish classics recorded in 1994, summer 1995 performances gravitated toward new material from a one-off show in Lowell that May and early summer-tour debuts destined for Billy Breathes. SPAC ’95 Tickets cost $20 and Phish drew a good crowd on a Monday night. The multi-track recorders that yielded the A Live One masters were rolling to capture the source tracks for this release.

February 23, 2017

Shane Henry: Save Me

LA based guitars and singer Shane Henry knows the blues inside out. He honed his chops as touring musician and opened for bigger names like Etta James, Buddy Guy and Joe Bonamassa.

His new album Light in the Dark will be released on April 28th. Lead single Save Me is a harp driven 12-bar excursion, with slightly distorted guitar and husky vocals. Henry's love for the melodicism of the Beatles pops up every now and then as well.

February 22, 2017

The return of Ride: Charm Assault & Home Is A Feeling

photo: Andrew Ogilvy

British shoegaze pioneers Ride return with two new songs, their first fresh material in 20 years. Charm Assault shows their more upbeat and angry side and Home Is Feeling is more vulnerable - the two signature elements of their music. A new album is pencilled in for release in the Summer.