June 22, 2017

Talk Show Host: Not Here to Make Friends

photo: Harley Haskett

Toronto based Talk Show Host are quick to release a new EP. Not Here to Make Friends sounds cheerful and angry at the same time, incorporating both their pop and punk leanings. The vocals are more prominent, but they have retained their lo-fi brand of power trio mayhem.

Their fast-paced songs are always an inch away from derailing. Soul searching is not on the top of their list, but I Hate Men (I Hate All Men) comes close and has the added bonus of Madeleine Maynard (Jerkoff Diary) helping them out as a guest vocalist.

St. Vincent: Fear the Future Tour

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist St. Vincent will back on the road with her first major tour since 2015. Be prepared for a multimedia meets art-rock experience.

Registration for USA pre-sale starts now (In order to participate in the USA fan pre-sale on June 27, you must pre-register by June 25!). Global fan pre-sale begins June 27, general on-sale begins June 30.

June 21, 2017

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir: More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse

Moby has released the highly political album More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse. Aided by The Void Pacific Choir he speaks out about environmental issues and the toupet-wearing idiot who has moved into a building at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This collection of high energy electro-rock songs is proof that you don't have to be a folkie with a battered acoustic to get mad at the powers that be.

More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse is a self-released album. Buy it (CD, vinyl, digital) from his website. Also available as a free download. Full stream on Soundcloud.

June 20, 2017

Suzuki Junzo: European tour dates

Japanese noise/drone guitarist Suzuki Junzo will be on tour in Europe, playing shows in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK. "Junzo is an eclectic experimentalist, whose subtle flourishes are like flowers defying his wall sound." He will be supported by Jumble Hole Clough at the show in Hebden Bridge.

The AV Club: The AV Club

Chicago jazz band The AV Club honours the old adage that their audience should be able to dance to their music or at least snap their fingers. Led by bass player and main composer Andrew Vogt their self-titled album is all over the map, making turns towards rock, fusion, and the plain silly - Shack Dog and Pearhofjax have cheesy keyboard parts that have written "guilty pleasure" all over it.

All players have read the rule books and tossed them in the trash subsequently. No rules except respecting the main theme. The AV Club laugh at genre limitations. It's all music and when the mood strikes anything could happen, proving that being eclectic is fun.