February 14, 2016

Tail Feather: Space Travel

Imagine Pink Floyd joining forces with CSN, Jefferson Airplane and Tame Impala and you have nailed the sound of UK retro-psychedelic blues band Tail Feather.

Their new single Space Travel kicks off with a snippet of the broadcast about the final mission of the American Space Shuttle program construct a wall sound supported by old school keyboards, slightly distorted guitars and glorious vocal harmonies. Strobe lightning and liquid slides not included.

Space Travel is a self-released single. Release date: March 4th.

February 13, 2016

Luminize: All or Nothing

All-girl group Luminize got together in Croatia before coming to Holland, hoping to make it big as a rock band. They were guests on a wealth of radio shows and appeared at numerous festivals earning them some nice reviews as a rather good live band. Their debut album All or Nothing ia a mixed bag of power pop songs (Get It Back, Kill It With Love, Guess Who's Wrong) and hard rock (Fuck You), with the latter genre as the clear winner in terms of performance. Men and boys are of the receiving end of their wrath pretty much all of the time.

The production is a bit too clean as a whole and the vocals could do with less meddling, but as mainstreams albums go All or Nothing gets the benefit of the doubt. They need more mileage to be able to tell the folks behind the mixing desk what they want to sound like - and not the other way around.

John Cale: discussing the Velvets and M:FANS on BBC HARDtalk

John Cale will be interviewed by Stephen Sackur for BBC HARDtalk on February 15th:

Stephen Sackur speaks to John Cale, a founding member of the Velvet underground, and a solo artist and producer. In the checkered history of rock and roll, there have been relatively few artists who have managed to create a genuinely new, even revolutionary, sound. The Velvet Underground achieved just that in mid-sixties New York - combining youthful anger, musical creativity, with an avant-garde art sensibility. Today John Cale continues to experiment with new sounds. To many, his music is challenging, even bleak, but is that a reflection of the man himself?

A podcast will be available after the interview has aired.

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February 12, 2016

The Steepwater Band: stream the title track from "Shake Your Faith"

Chicaco blues rock quartet The Steepwater Band have posted a stream for the title track from their forthcoming new album, Shake Your Faith ( April 1st on Diamond Day Records - double 180 gram vinyl, CD and digital). The album was recorded last winter at Crushtone Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. Jim Wirt (Fiona Apple, Incubus, Buffalo Killers) lend a hand as co-producer.

It's been five years since their last studio album, CLAVA, and this will be the first record featuring guitarist Eric Saylors, who joined the band in early 2012.

The will fly to Europe in April for a lengthy tour, playing shows in Spain, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic.

February 11, 2016

Bombay Harambee: Goldmine

Little Rock's Bombay Harambee serve up an album with fuzz-heavy surf garage rock. Goldmine is a collection of fast paced, rumbling rock songs with an outlaw attitude. Authorities get the one-fingered salute or are made fun of. This is a band that is quite fond of of lyrical smartness - try finding other songs about Stringing Sentences or Enjambement, but it makes perfect sense when you are in hurry to explain things.

Rock isn't about fitting in and while tons of classic rock songs are now used to sell cars, mortgages and insurance, this quartet is in it to have a blast and getting the crowd pumping their fists in the air. After the Clintons, Little Rock finally has something to be proud of again. Dust off your air guitar skills and turn it up.