December 02, 2016

Holly Bowling: "Billy Breathes" in full @ Cutting Room, New York, NY

Piano player Holly Bowling will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the Phish album Billy Breathes @ Cutting Room, New York, NY on December 30. The show is billed as a pre-show before the Phish concert at Madison Square Gardens (just 3 blocks away).

Listen to her rendition of Train Song live @ The Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC - 2016/09/11.

The Velveteins: Don't Yah Feel Better?

Canadian psychedelic doo-wop rock trio The Velveteins have released Don't Yah Feel Better?, the lead single from their forthcoming debut full-length Slow Wave. They have gone South for this tune, with a bit of tex-mex lead guitar. Cheerful and sad simultaneously - shit happens but in the end evertyhing will be OK.

November 30, 2016

Little Person: Send Me Your Nots

San Francisco pop-rock duo Little Person invited a bunch of their friends and relatives to provide backing vocals on their new single Send Me Your Nots, a throwback to the heyday of colourful late Sixties pocket symphonies.

The Weinbach brothers have uncanny knack for arranging their songs and finding complex yet accessible melodies, honouring the traditions of orchestral pop. Recommended if you like the Beach Boys and the former residents of Laurel Canyon.

Surf Rock is Dead: In Between

NYC based American-Australian neo-new wave duo Surf Rock is Dead keep at it with their retro sound. In Between is their most radiofriendly single to date, a hybrid of echo-heavy power pop and indie rhythms. A song for those who missed out on the Eigthies or are craving for a revival.