August 24, 2016

Trails and Ways: Happiness

Dreampoppers Trails and Ways have released Happiness, another single from their forthcoming album Own It. West Coast jangling guitars, a chunky bass and a sparse but highly effective drum beat topped off with handclaps. If anything, it will get that god awful Pharrell Williams song scrambling for the emergency exits of your brain.

Own It, the band's second full-length album will be released October 7.

August 23, 2016

Outset: Outset

photo: Kelly Fleming

Jazz quartet Outset's self-titled debut album is the culmination of long journey. All four band members have made their mark in the Chicago music scene. Led by saxophonist Dan Meinhardt they play music that is driven by textures and rhythm, following a twisted road of motifs, short solos, following the principles of modal jazz. One or two members can take the ball, while the others hold back for a bit, before changing things around. This kind of playing is demanding for the players (and listeners as well). Pay attention or you might miss something out of the ordinary,

They are not above branching out to other genres if the mood strikes them. Dropped comes close to freakout funk with trumpet player Justin Copeland going all out with a barrage of notes, setting up the bass-drum duel by Tim Ipsen and Andrew Green. Something Mellow may be soft but avoid all the pitfalls of easy listening that its title suggests. The sole cover, a barebones, deconstructed version the Thelonious Monk/Kenny Clarke timeless standard Epistrophy, sounds as fresh and modern as it was when it first came to a shellac 78 RPM in 1941.

July Talk: new album "Touch" 09/09, tour dates

photo: Shalan and Paul

Canadian garage rock quintet July Talk hit the road again to promote their new album Touch (September 9th on Sleepless Records). They are gravitating towards a more poppy sound.

North America:
  • 08/28 Palmer, AK @ Alaska State Fair
  • 09/03 Edmonton, Canada @ Sonic Boom Festival
  • 09/04 Calgary, Canada @ Xfest
  • 09/07 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso (upstairs room)
  • 09/08 Groningen, Netherlands @ Vera
  • 09/09 Tiel, Netherlands @ Appelpop 2016
  • 09/10 Enschede, Netherlands @ Atak (Saxion Hall)
  • 09/13 Glasgow, UK @ King Tuts
  • 09/14 Manchester, UK @ Sound Control Bar
  • 09/15 London, UK @ Boston Music Room
  • 09/17 M√ľnster, Germany @ Gleis 22
  • 09/19 Berlin, Germany @ Lido
  • 09/20 Munich, Germany @ Strom
  • 09/21 Wiesbaden, Germany @ Schlachthof
  • 09/22 Koln, Germany @ Underground
  • 09/23 Hamburg, Germany @ Reeperbahn Festival
  • 09/24 Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Rotown

August 22, 2016

I am Oak: "Our Blood" released in Japan, "Woandering" video

Dutch indie folkies I am Oak's latest album Our Blood will be released in Japan on October 23rd thru Sign-pole records. They have made a special video for Woandering. Band leader Thijs Kuijken:

“The video shows images of a bird’s eye view over a landscape slowly carved out by a flowing river, showing us the path and the many forks that this river has travelled through. The song is about making a journey and not knowing exactly what will happen and where it will end, whilst taking in what happens along the way. The way a river can carry along small rocks and leave them as polished pebbles in a riverbank somewhere farther down the line.

Zap Mcinnes: Do You Really Need to See Me Bleed?

Zap Mcinnes has posted of a stream of his new song Do You Really Need to See Me Bleed?, featuring Emanuela Panisberghi (vocals) and Hieronymus Bongo (drum pads). The song was recorded live @ Vrijplaats in Leiden, The Netherlands on August 20. First ever live performance of this tune, with his ex-wife on the receiving end of the lyrics.