December 12, 2017

Daniel Ruiz: A Cup Of Coffee With Two Sugar Cubes, Cream, And A Tiny Drop Of Whiskey

For his new slice of psychedelic pop Barcelona based musician Daniel Ruiz dropped his alias Weinf. A Cup Of Coffee With Two Sugar Cubes, Cream, And A Tiny Drop Of Whiskey hints a Tom Waits and Jacco Gardner.

The protagonist reminisces about a girl who used to know when he sets eyes on a woman who offer the exact same drink. He sits inside the cafe and she is on the terrace. They are separated by the window, close but miles apart. He knows it's not her, but he surely wishes it was.

The Wedding Present: George Best 30

Can you get away with re-recording a cherished debut album by recording it all over again? UK indie heroes The Wedding Present rose to the challenge and George Best 30, produced none other than Steve Albini sounds even more abrasive and in-your-face than the 1987 version. The masters for this release have sitting on the shelf for nearly a decade. The album was recorded in Chicago 2008, shortly after the band had been wrapped up the 20th anniversary tour during which they had been playing the album in full night after night. Why this delay happened, no one knows, but with another anniversary coming up main man David Gedge finally decided that the time was ripe to share these recordings with the outside world.

They tightened up their sound and the big plus are the live drums, making the songs even more manic than they were back then. Sure the players are older, but they know what will works and what doesn't. While the original sounded a bit tinny they now captured the intensity of a live band in full swing. As incurable mavericks, they didn't clean things up. Naming their first album after one of the greatest dribblers of all time was a bold move then (as well as getting the notoriously difficult Best to agree to appear in promo photos).

Words about music (462): Billy Gibbons

The rawness and the richness of music on vinyl almost went away, but it still seems to be on a lot of people's radar, and for good reason. It does something different than more accessible means of music playing, like MP3 players and downloads and whatnot. You get in front of these archaic contraptions that go 'round and 'round.

Billy Gibbons

December 11, 2017

Galapaghost: Jim Beam

Multi-instrumentalist Casey Chandler have released another single from his Galapaghost project. Jim Beam is a showcase for his vocal range, a mid-tempo powerpop song driven by piano and a hint of electronics. It will be included on his new EP Pulse.

Pulse is available for pre-order. The EP will be released on January 12th.

December 10, 2017

PRP: Rubber Sun

Finnish progressive rock multi-instrumentalists Petteri Kurki and Rami Turtiainen have created another outlet for their music, besides their Grus Paridae project. Rubber Sun and Sunson, the two tracks they record as PRP lean to Steven Wilson's producing skills and David Gilmour's guitar tone.

If they could find a real drummer to keep the beat the tracks would truly come to life. Programming skills can not get past the sterile feel of a drum machine.