May 26, 2016

The Royal Mail issues Pink Floyd stamp sets

The Royal Mail goes out on a limb with a wealth of Pink Floyd stamp sets. Album covers (The Endless River made the cut - odd), live shots and even a Syd Barrett Souvenir Cover. Did somebody say Money?


Jessie Kilguss: London and NYC shows

photo: Shervin Lainez

NYC based singer-songwriter Jessie Kilguss has a couple of gigs lined up on both sides of the Atlantic. The London show is with a full band: Rob Heath on drums, John Landau on guitar, Francis Booth on bass and Andy Grieve on harmonies.

Live dates:


HCTF review of Devastate Me.

May 25, 2016

Trip to Dover: "Boy" single release tour dates

Dutch electronic rock Trip to Dover are hitting the road to promote their new single Boy. They will be performing in The Netherlands, Germany and the UK.

Live dates:
  • 06/04 Asten, Netherlands @ Cafe Het Spektakel
  • 06/10 Breda, Netherlands @ De Speeltuin
  • 06/18 Eindhoven, Netherlands @ Stage Music CafĂ©
  • 06/21 Quedlinburg, Germany @ Fete de la musique 2016
  • 06/22 Hannover, Germany @ Club Rocker
  • 06/24 Chelmsford, UK @ Asylum
  • 06/25 Luton, UK @ The Castle Tavern
  • 06/26 Brighton, UK @ The Monty
  • 07/03 Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands @ Festival Elastiek 2016
  • 08/27 Geleen, Netherlands @ Koempel Rock 2016


HCTF review of Kiss Fight Dance.

Talking Vinyl with Scott Hull

Engineer Scott Hull knows how to make vinyl sound good. Brad Allen Williams sat down with him for aTapeOp interview. About the the difference between lacquer and DMM [direct metal mastering]:

Most of the records that we own were cut with a lacquer master. Lacquer is a paint type of material; it's put onto a disc and we etch the grooves into it using a sapphire stylus. It's somewhat soft — it has to be soft enough that we can cut it — but it's not really "wet." It's semi-hard. Direct metal mastering is the same types of grooves cut into a copper disc. As you can imagine, solid copper is a whole lot harder and more resistant to being cut than lacquer. The forces involved, and the tools involved, are different.

For The Record: 60s Pop Through The Lens

The photo exhibition For The Record: 60s Pop Through The Lens opens on June 3rd in London. Polish photographer Stanley Bielecki was on hand to capture the Stones, Bod Dylan, the Beatles, the Yardbirds, Françoise Hardy, Chuck Berry and many more:

For The Record: 60s Pop Through The Lens celebrates some of the most iconic faces of 60s music captured by photographer Stanley Bielecki.

From Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and Ginger Baker through to The Zombies and The Supremes, the exhibition offers a fascinating insight into the groundbreaking 60s pop boom. Come into the studio for rehearsals of Ready Steady Go or join the audience for Top of the Pops and witness candid images of music legends at the very beginning of their careers.

Never exhibited before, and some never published, these images offer a reminder of a pivotal moment in music history, when the white heat of cultural change was setting passions alight across England and the rest of the world.