September 27, 2016

Phish: New Year's Run at MSG 12-28/12-31

Phish takes over NYC's Madison Square Garden again for a four-night New Year’s Run (12-28/12-31):

Phish returns to New York at the end of the year to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a four night run at Madison Square Garden, beginning Wednesday, December 28th through Saturday, December 31st. The four shows will bring the band’s total performances at the world famous arena to 40 in the years since their MSG debut in December 1994. As with Phish’s two prior MSG runs, all floor tickets will be general admission.

Grus Paridae: Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence

Finnish progressive rock duo Grus Paridae have a new single, the sprawling Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence. Petteri Kurki and Rami Turtiainen are both multi-instrumentalists, playing guitar, bass, synths and drums. Add programming skills and they come close to create the sound of a full band with just the two of them. One thing was missing, however. They enlisted Jarno Koivunen to play the violin, who he also played a bit of guitar while he was at it.

Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence paints a picture of a rather bleak, dystopian future. Disintegration looms, while the children keep dancing, unaware of the impending catastrophe. Prog isn't a particularly optimistic genre and Grus Paridae joins the bands depicting an alternate universe that may be actually real. While their previous single Passes By b/w Inheritance of Devotion sounded good, but lacked focus, this foray into orchestral grandeur should be able to cause a stir in their niche.

Forthcoming Nonintellectual Decadence is a self-released single.

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Amber Kamminga: Getting To Know You

Amber Kamminga, a Dutch country singer, ups the ante on her second single Getting To Know You. To love a genre that is quintessentially American is one thing, the ability to write a track that can stand its ground is another and she pulled it off admirably. Her happy-sad vocals are a perfect fit for telling a tale about a bunch of not particularly successful tinderdates.

Amber Kamminga: guitar, vocals
Dave Neijsen: electric guitar
Pascal Keyner: bass
Jasper Schalks: banjo
Daan Moerkens: drums

Getting To Know You is a self-released single. Buy it from iTunes.

September 26, 2016

Oh Thunder: "Parade" video

Watch the new Oh Thunder video for Parade, a track from their self-titled EP. They are a truly eclectic band, mixing dance beats, electropop, harp and jazz. The clip was directed by Rosalie Wammes, the band's singer, and Digital Amigos. They are currently working on a new album.

Live dates:
  • 10/27 Leiden, Netherlands @ Oliiver (Popronde)
  • 11/05 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Rijksmuseum (Museumnacht)


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September 25, 2016

Mount Peru: Good Morning Midnight

Somerville sextet Mount Peru have a soft spot for rock, alt-country and psychedelic blues. Their second full-length Good Morning Midnight touches base with The Walkabouts, Fleetwood Mac and The Flying Burrito Brothers. This is a band that is capable to bring the excitement of a live show to the studio, not trying to fix the natural bleeding of instruments in the room, but embracing it a welcome guest.

High energy rockers like Hype Man and You're Like Lightning Striking Twice sit comfortably next to mellower tunes such as Just Like Gypsy Lee and Tin Foil Sunset. The latter is a 101 example of their love for shared lead vocals, an art that Thom Valicenti and Mary Flatley have mastered over the years. The dissonants and feedback of Apologetic Poltergeist might get them on college radio, while the opening bars of Black As Hell and White as a Ghost will sound familiar to Beatles fans.